Our Innovative Brands

Specializing in electronic cigarettes, vaporizers and e-liquids, these products from Total Vapor are quickly growing in popularity as an enjoyable and more socially acceptable substitute for those who want to try an alternative smoking product.


EZ GRINDER,INC is the owner of the revolutionary patent pending EASY GRINDER which puts the power to grind your herbs easily and effectively right at your fingertips. With the touch of a button.


Welcome to CryptoTechCurrency.com, the website of CryptoTechCurrency, Inc, a Vapor Group company, and new entrant into the world of cryptocurrency mining.

We were formed solely as cryptocurrency miners and we will begin operations 24-hours per day, and 7-days per week during January 2018 using 25 "high hash rate" ASIC L3+ AntMiner servers, to which we will add Bitmain ASIC L3+ AntMiner S9's for Bitcoin, thereby establishing our own "cryptomining farm".


About Us

Dedicated to a new generation of innovative brands, Vapor Group, Inc. has placed its mark as not only a developer of quality electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, and Made in the USA naturally flavored e-liquids, but also as manufacturer and marketer.

Our products are being sold nationwide with the purpose of a smokeless, adult alternative to conventional cigarettes for a healthier lifestyle and less damage to their wallet.

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